To start with, let’s fix the most common misunderstanding: 

Actual Zinc Carnosine is not the same as Zinc + Carnosine in the same product. If the name of the product says ”Zinc Carnosine”, but when you look at the ingredients it says Carnosine and then some form of zinc - it is not the Zinc Carnosine we talk here. If you can read ”zinc oxide” or ”zinc citrate” or similar on the ingredients, then it is not zinc carnosine.

Zinc (any form) and Carnosine do have same kind of effects on the gut, compared to actual Zinc Carnosine but the effect is much weaker. This is simply due to the fact, that when the molecules are not bound together in molecular level, they will separate from each other in digestion and lose their synergistic value. They cannot work together.

The true Zinc Carnosine is one molecule and it reads ”zinc carnosine” in the ingredients. If you can find the mention ”PepZinGI” from the product, it also means you have a original, patented form in your hand and not a chinese copy.